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Herpstat proportional thermostats and humidity Controllers

We use them exclusively here at A+ Serpents Very accurate and very reliable Advanced temperature control. Versatility. Redundant safety built in. User adjustable features not available in any other brand thermostat. Designed and assembled here in the USA by the company reptile owners have trusted their animals to since 2004. Don't let yourself get talked into a "good enough" thermostat. Demand the best!

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Kickin off 2018 in style

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Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Well here’s your opportunity to get that Herpstat that you wanted . We will be at the Manchester reptile..

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The all NEW Herpstat EZ1 and EZ2 are here and in stock !! EZ1 $79.00 EZ2 $139.00

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This Sunday we are vending at the White Plains Reptile Expo. We have lots of Hognose available…Toffee Bellys, Toffee Condas, Albinos, Axanthics,..

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Bamboo spider pastel.

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